When do I get access to the course?

We guarantee to give you access within 24 hours of receiving payment.  It is normally within a few hours.

When do classes start?

Our E-learning courses are available anytime, 24/7.  You take them at your own pace and you can review lessons, stop and start videos and redo exercises as many times as you need.  You have unlimited access to the courses so you can refresh yourself at any time.

Doesn’t the course material get out of date?

Yes, the social media environment is always changing.  Our courses are updated every 6 months on 1st January and 1st August so we keep them as up to date as possible.  If you have questions about differences between the videos and reality then just contact us.

What if I have a question?

You can use our interactive forum to ask any questions – you will get an answer within 24 hours.

Are the classes all video training?

We are qualified trainers so our courses combine a variety of learning styles including text, images, ‘how to’ videos, audio, exercises to complete, scenarios to consider.  We take a scaffolding approach to learning so that we build up your knowledge and skills as we work through the courses.

Accredited Qualifications - FAQs

What does the social media qualification give me that the complete bundle of courses doesn’t?

When you have completed the qualification, you get a Level 3 certificate from City & Guilds with the title ‘ITQ Social Media’.  You also get unlimited support direct from Mary Thomas and each piece of evidence you submit as part of the qualification is given individual feedback from Mary.

How long does it take to complete the qualification?

You have to complete 20 tasks.  These vary in length from a short paragraph telling us about yourself to a full-blown website.  Everybody takes different time to complete the tasks depending on what skills they arrive with.  In general, people take between 4 and 8 months to complete.

What if it takes longer than 8 months?

We know life gets in the way and we want you to complete the course so don’t worry if you can’t complete within 8 months – City & Guilds gives you up to 3 years – but we would encourage you to complete before then!

Do you set strict deadlines for handing in assignments?

This is a distance learning course that you complete in your own time so we treat you as adults and encourage you to set your own deadlines, though we will nudge you if we haven’t heard from you in a while.

You can learn from anywhere with an internet connection – view the locations of some of our learners.

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