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Social Media as a form of marketing is here to stay. Done well, it can be a fantastic, low-cost method of marketing your business – you can reach a large number of targeted people instantly and control your message. This CPD accredited course will help you create a strategy for your social media marketing to ensure you don’t waste time and money.

Awarded 17 CPD Points upon successful completion of this course.

Concise Training’s social media courses are updated every 6 months, come with unlimited tutor support and the cost includes your assessment and certificate.

Download the syllabus document here.

CPD Accredited CPD Course CPD Certificate

29 reviews for Social Media Strategy Online Course

  1. Sharon Thomson

    I have found this course really easy to understand as it takes you through the steps of developing your social media strategy plan and I have learnt so much about the use of social media channels and what would work best for our business audience and age etc, we have identified aims of the business for using social media and the many free tools available to help us schedule content once it has been written and much more so that I feel confident in writing simple policy for our business ie Social media Policy and a content marketing strategy plan. Lots of good resources and I will certainly do other courses and get further training once we have identified exactly what is needed and by whom.

  2. Christy Heffernan

    The learning objects are very engaging including lots of examples, video, scenarios, information and exercises enabling me to understand the potential of Social Media and explore the correct tools and approach for my business. By the end of the course I had developed a strategy appropriate for my business to engage with my target audience.
    the links, ideas and channels are excellent.
    now I know how to select the correct channels to suit my business

  3. Sophie. E

    Thank you for putting together this brilliant course! I had recently started a marketing role but needed to gain more of an understanding of social media strategies and how to implement them. I also never knew anything about keywords – so useful to know!

    The course looks in depth at each social media platform and how you can use this to your advantage for your business. I’m now confidently able to plan out our key messages and decide on which channels we should share these across.

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. sandra

    i found this course very interesting and i have learned alot from doing it, thank you for an enjoyable course and i hope it helps me in my career.

  5. Andrew Beverley

    Informative content. The many links are helpful, but add a huge amount of extra time to scan, increasing the amount of time to complete each object.

  6. Kevin Lee

    Very useful interactive course for an inexperienced social media person like myself. Well structured with valuable and relevant content.
    gives a good understanding on how to develop a social media strategy for business including the most effective channels, how to use them including the creation of content etc. Live examples made for better understanding which included read articles and videos. I am looking forward to completing additional courses around social media

  7. Susan Powell

    As a complete beginner I found the course provided an excellent overview of where social media channels are at with a timely warning that we all need to keep skilling up as things change rapidly in this field. It inspired me to investigate further. The resource materials can be printed off for future use. There were lots of tangents to wander off into. The statistics were startling. We all need to engage with this if only to understand what is going on around us. Useful warnings and advice as to do’s and don’ts. A good course for amateurs and professionals.

  8. Daniel Jones

    Great start to Diploma in Digital Marketing course. Found this very useful for reviewing our business Social Media current and future needs. Look forward to using the knowledge gained and the documents provided to help grow our business further.

  9. Paul Elkerton

    Enjoyable and informative. Gave me a solid grounding in this area and stimulated my interest. Got the course via Pitmans. I was only granted 29 days to do it which was not enough for me. This is the only negative.

  10. Alison Bell

    This course is my first step towards a certificate in social media with Concise Training. I found the course interesting, succinct, professional and very easy to grasp and understand. A great start so far, thank you

  11. Jo Ward

    Very informative and easy to understand. I now have the confidence and a far better understanding of just how I can use social media to help my business. Highly recommended to anyone who recognises that social media is essential in this day and age for any business.

  12. Gaynor Logan

    Excellent course- gave me a lot of ideas of how to target my social media to make more effective use of my social media and some new ideas to try out.
    Many thanks Mary

  13. R Drage

    Old fashioned layout and views, repetitive and basic.

  14. Jennifer Corcoran

    This is a fantastic comprehensive course for anyone who is considering using social media to effectively market their business or boost their own personal online profile. The course itself is split into 8 digestible modules and Mary has added some brilliant sample documents to the resources tab which will enable you to successfully implement among other things a social media policy, a crisis management document, a content plan and an effective strategy checklist. By the end you should be able to pinpoint the best channels for your audience and measure ROI / engagement.

  15. Adrian Young (verified owner)

    If you’re starting from scratch like me, then this seems to be a good entry-level course.

  16. Julie K

    I found the course enjoyable and extremely helpful in showing me the various ways different forms of Social Media can be used for marketing. The course explains everything in a very straight forward way and there are lots of links to examples. The course takes you through various scenarios and examples, helping you to think about the best steps and ways of setting up a social media business strategy to promote your business in the best way possible, via social media channels. I found by the end of the course that it helped me realise social media from a business point of view is essential and I now feel better equipped and able to put in place a social media strategy and monitor how successful various channels are, by following the steps I have learnt on the course.

  17. Laurie Sjostrom

    This course is well designed. It has a variety of elements to support training including examples in the form of links to sites using the skills being taught, articles explaining concepts in further detail, audio recordings explaining concepts, videos of classroom discussions and a variety of features that are easy to follow. The insights I’ve learned here have taken away the feeling of an avalanche of information is out there ready to fall on top of me. Now, I can get on top of it and intelligently select the information that is useful to me.

  18. Sophie (verified owner)

    Good course for the basic understanding of how to apply social media to our business. I now know where to start, which tools are appropriate for us, and how to go about it. It is an easy and enjoyable course which I would recommend to those who need direction to get started.

  19. Judy Bebb (verified owner)

    As a complete novice to Social Media, I can do Facebook and that’s about it, I wanted to be able to learn how to do the rest, but in more of a ‘which button to press’ type of way, so this wasn’t quite the course I needed to do. However, I have still managed to fill a notebook with notes on the course which will help me in the future. I now have a better idea on the direction I need to go with it all and found a lot of the links very useful. I will now go ahead and do another course with Concise Training aimed at either Twitter or Google+ – or maybe both!

  20. Catriona

    Good course covering a range of areas and useful for developing our company’s social media strategy. Interesting to understand the different social media channels that are suitable for different business audiences.

  21. Matt Pegg (verified owner)

    A highly enjoyable and informative course that is easy to use and not a chore to complete!

    I now have a much clearer idea of how to tailor social media to impact our business in a positive way.

    Many Thanks to everyone involved.

  22. Stephen McEwan-Lyon

    This course has guided me through the process of putting my own ideas and thoughts into a structured Social Media planning document. I now have a clear path forward. Thank you.

  23. Anna

    This is a very comprehensive and useful course for anyone with a little knowledge of Social Media, but who is struggling to form any kind of cohesive strategy for their business. There is a lot of good quality additional media to read and review, as well as the course material itself, making it a very good value course.
    The course has helped me to think about both our social media marketing and some wider marketing considerations, and lays out clearly what we need to do to formulate a plan that will work for our business. It does not give you a definitive strategy to follow, as every company is different and will have different targets, requirements and desired outcomes – but this is a good thing, because it gives you the tools to create your own strategy that is as individual as you and your business.
    I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain an insight into social media marketing strategy.

  24. Susan

    I started this course with the Pitman Training Group (with whom I had done a couple of other unrelated courses) and took up their Online Social Media Diploma in Business course which was in association with Concise Training. As a complete Social Media virgin I found I had jumped in at the deep end with this course. The course for me was difficult at first because all I had ever done was check email and surfed the web. I wanted to learn about Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, but didn’t realize that this course was geared toward marketing but, the instructions and information given were brilliant and enabled me to see social media as a very useful tool, it also gained me a Distinction, amazing. Anyone who already has prior some knowledge of any of the social media platforms and is into marketing would breeze through this one .

  25. Krishma

    I must comment that I am currently part way through the Social Media – Strategy for Business course and am really impressed with the quality and the content. It is also thoroughly enjoyable to study.

  26. Glen

    A ‘must’ course if you want to implement Social Media into your business. We revisit this document at least twice a month

  27. Jamie

    The main benefits of this module for me have been the opportunity to view various examples of social media strategies at work and to understand how people and companies from all industries are using social media.

  28. Rebecca

    I now have a much clearer idea of where to start with social media for our business and have a plan about how to go about doing this.
    I have also found it very useful to consider who our audience is and look at where they are currently and even whether they are using social media. This has enabled me to be more selective about our initial choices for social media tools and will allow us to start in the right place.

  29. Bigwig Designs

    I found this course enjoyable and really useful to gain an understanding of how to use Social Media effectively to market my business. The learning objects are very engaging including lots of examples, video, scenarios, information and exercises enabling me to understand the potential of Social Media and explore the correct tools and approach for my business. By the end of the course I had developed a strategy appropriate for my business to engage with my target audience.

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