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Facebook is a ‘must-use’ social network for many businesses.  It is not just a network of people playing games or sharing pictures of their pets. Almost all businesses will benefit from having a well maintained Facebook business page and a strong optimised Facebook profile can help you become more visible in search engines.

In this CPD accredited course, you will learn the “what, how and why” of Facebook marketing and promotion. There is more to Facebook than you may realise and learning how you can properly target your audience is essential to marketing on this or any other social media platform.

Awarded 15 CPD Points upon successful completion of this course.

Concise Training’s social media courses are updated every 6 months, come with unlimited tutor support and the cost includes your assessment and certificate.


CPD Accredited CPD Course CPD Certificate


9 reviews for Facebook for Business Online Course

  1. Keith Greene (verified owner)

    I thought the course was great, very user friendly, nice mix of learning styles, and the modules were well laid out and dealt with what I needed. I would be more than happy to use your online materials again.

  2. Stephen McEwan-Lyon

    A very well organised course and lots of information to take in.

  3. Brianna

    Very informative and loads of interesting things I never knew about facebook. Would recommend.

  4. Jennifer Corcoran

    This is a very comprehensive module with a lot of information packed in and is ideal for those with a FB business page who want to maximise customer reach and engagement. I agree with Sean that the links are very useful and insightful. It was very interesting to read about the decline in FB organic free reach on account of the new FB algorithim and how targetted adverts and promoted posts seem to be the way forward for many businesses. I was previously unaware of the insights functionality which is a great measuring tool for your business. As with all of the modules it is roughly 4 hours online and can be done at your own pace. The use of ‘You Tube’ videos really brings the course to life versus plain text content. A perfect example of a FB advert/status update really as it uses text, pictures, links and videos to maximum effect.

  5. Gillian Shaw

    As an avid Facebook user – I didn’t realise how much there was still to learn. The program is clear and structured so you learn at your own pace. I would highly recommend his course to anyone who is using Facebook for their business,

  6. Sean Dougall

    This course has opened up a large number of Facebook tools of which I was not aware to allow me to engage on both personal and business levels. The ‘links’ in the course provide very valuable information and sites to which I can refer in the future.

    This has been a very worthwhile course and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to use Facebook to promote their business. There is a lot of information to digest and record, so don’t think, as I did, it can be completed in a weekend! A little but often is my recommendation.

  7. Anna

    The course has helped me understand the recent changes in Facebook with the Ads, promoted posts, sponsored stories, and offers. As well as the changes for insights in how you measure the success of your page in Facebook.

  8. Grace

    I have learned about the tracking and insights that can be used for Business pages. I only use a personal profile so knew about advertising on Facebook but now that I am Admin on our business page and have completed this course, I feel I can use it in a much more useful way and to its full advantage.

  9. Russell

    Very clear course. The best parts were understanding the range of reports available and how to run Facebook adverts.

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