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Microsoft Excel

Are your employees self-taught?

Many employees are self-taught in Excel.  I often teach people who admit to using a calculator to perform calculations which should be done in Excel!  Do you have employees in this situation?

Microsoft Excel

Are your employees self taught?

Many employees are self taught in Excel.  I often teach people who admit to using a calculator to perform calculations which should be done in Excel.  Do you have employees in this situation?

An investment in Excel training can save your business hours of time as your employees finally understand how to use Excel to calculate formulae, produce graphs and analyse data.

Our bespoke Excel Training is offered at four levels and courses can be mixed and matched depending on need and time available.  We provide exercises during the training but we are more than happy to look at your real life spreadsheets to offer advice.


  • Understand the ribbon interface
  • Enter numbers and text into a spreadsheet
  • Format cells
  • Insert / delete rows and columns,
  • Simple formulae
  • Common functions
  • Create graphs.


  • Absolute and relative cell references
  • Format charts and graphs
  • Conditional formatting
  • Analyse spreadsheets using tables / graphs and charts / filters
  • Use mathematical, statistical, financial, conditional, logical functions
  • Smart Art


  • Protect cells, sheets, workbooks
  • Data validation and Lookup functions
  • What-if scenarios / Goal seek / Sparklines
  • Pivot tables and charts and Slicers
  • Merge multiple copies of workbook.

Super Advanced

  • Two way look ups using VLOOKUP and MATCH
  • Combining IF and VLOOKUP
  • Recording macros
  • Running Macros
  • Macro Security
  • Including macros to open automatically with Excel
  • Introduction to VBA
  • PowerPivot

What’s included?

All learners leave with a flash drive containing handouts, exercises to work on in class and worked answers.  Three months email support following the training course is included in the cost

Courses can be ½ day or 1 day depending on requirements.  We would recommend no more than 8 people in the class.

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Prefer Microsoft 2013?

Training in Microsoft 2013, 2016 and 365 is available in each application.

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"Went at our own pace"

"The small group size meant it was easy to ask questions"

"Great pace!"

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"Things were explained slowly and the small group was great!"

"Identified many time saving opportunities and shortcuts"

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