City & Guilds Diploma in Social Media for Business

Using social media to market a business

The Diploma in Social Media for Business, accredited by City & Guilds is aimed at individuals who understand the basics of using social media but now want to apply it to market a business. The qualification mixes practical technical knowledge of using the various social media channels, with a rigorous marketing approach to ensure that everything learnt can be immediately applied and measured to test whether it is achieving the desired outcomes.


The learning and assessment process is:

  • Flexible  – learn when you want, where you are (Internet connection needed).
  • Practical  – no exams, implement what you learn immediately.
  • Structured – you follow a schedule of e-learning, webinars and assignments over a 12 month period so you have deadlines to work towards.
  • Assessed – we ask you to complete 12 assignments and you will receive individual feedback on each question on each assignment so you enhance your learning.  Feedback is relevant to your situation.
  • Supported – you can contact your personal assessor at any time to ask about the assignments, the learning or how you are implementing what you are learning.
  • Up to date – all e-learning is updated every 6 months, webinars are updated each time they are run and you will also be sent a monthly update document covering all the updates in the social media industry.
  • Detailed – you will be given a huge amount of content about social media which you can use in your own business or you can use to set up a freelance consultancy.
  • Accredited – this is an internationally recognised qualification.
What You Will Learn

Download our brochure to understand the full extent of what you will learn, but the high-level topics are:

  • The complete range of social media channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Marketing concepts including audience personas, call to actions and marketing plans.
  • Search engine optimisation so you can use the correct keywords on your website and on your social media channels.
  • Digital advertising campaigns.
  • Creating and using images throughout your social media.
  • Using mobile marketing techniques.
  • The laws and guidelines surrounding social media including copyright.
  • Measurement of social media marketing.
What Happens During Training
  • You will attend 13 live online class webinars 3 – 4 weeks apart. If you are unable to attend live, recordings are available.
  • You will complete 15 e-learning courses to learn the how and why of each of the channels.
  • You’ll be placed in a supportive group of peers and alumni who can help you through the course with ideas and guidance.
  • Learning is carried out remotely online. All you need is a web-enabled laptop, PC or tablet with a decent Internet connection and you can study from anywhere and whenever you want.
  • You will have a dedicated course tutor who you are encouraged to contact with questions queries or even if you just want to say hello and discuss social media marketing (we are a friendly bunch).
  • Your tutor can also help you in a coaching capacity, helping with job references, new business ventures, networking and even writing your first proposal.
  • During the course, you will be provided with monthly update documents that summarise all you need to know about what is changing in the world of social media.
Who Is It For?

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You want to become a freelance social media consultant working from home
  • You have just moved into a new role managing social media for your business
  • You are a small business owner who wants to grow the business through the use of social media
  • You would like a new career in social media marketing
How Much Does It Cost?

This course costs £1908 + VAT or 12 monthly instalments of £163 + VAT.  VAT (a sales tax) is only payable in the EU at the rate applicable in your country.  Payment can be made by BACs transfer or direct debit (UK only) or Credit Card or PayPal (Worldwide).

This includes all your learning, assessment, support, registration and certification as well as a copy of ‘Social Media Made Simple’.

How Long Does It Take?

This course takes 12 months of structured learning.  We ask you to complete 15 e-learning courses and attend 13 webinars during the 12 months.  You are asked to complete 12 assignments covering both practical skills you can immediately implement as well as ensuring you have a good understanding of the theory behind the practical.  We recommend you spend approximately 10 hours a week learning, completing assignments and applying what you learn.

When Can I Start?

We run 4 cohorts during the year – January, March, May, September.  Each cohort is a maximum of 10 people so that you can each be given a high level of personal support.  Our next cohort starts on 24th September.

Want To Get Started?

Course Cost – £1908 + VAT

Course Duration – 12 months

Start date – Next cohort starts 24th September 2018

If you are or have been in the armed services, you can use your Enhanced Learning Credits to contribute towards this qualification. ELCAS – service provider No. 6365

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