Bespoke LinkedIn Training

Bespoke LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn is the one channel we believe every business should have a presence on.  Not only is it a fantastic relationship marketing tool but it also allows you to find information about nearly anybody you might want to do business with.

However, it is important if your staff use LinkedIn that they each have a profile which showcases them and the business.

Our interactive, bespoke ½ – 1 day session will ensure each member of staff understands how to create an optimised profile that:

  • Explains how they can help somebody looking at their profile
  • Ensures they appear in search results when somebody is looking for their services
  • Represents your business as if in a face to face meeting.

In most cases, we encourage attendees to actually make the changes to their profile with our help during the session.

During the session, depending on your exact requirements, we will also cover:

  • How and why to build a network of contacts
  • How to develop better relationships with those contacts
  • How to search for people and companies (who are on LinkedIn) you want to do business with
  • How to share content (status updates and published articles) with hashtags
  • How to use and follow hashtags
  • What content can be created to add value to the network (with images)
  • How and why to share updates from the company page
  • How to measure the success of your LinkedIn use
  • How to use LinkedIn advertising

Contact us now to discuss your requirements, get a quote and book a date. The cost will be dependent on location and length of course you need.  We will discuss your exact requirements before providing a quote.

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