What people say about us…

Below you can find just a few of the positive comments we’ve had from clients who have experienced and loved the Concise Training approach.

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Lots of kind words!

Twitter Workshop May 2010

“I met Mary at 4Networking at Abingdon, and after a recommendation by Basil Mienie my personal coach, contacted Mary with regards to help by phone in the setting up and running of an MS Access database, for my business contacts.

With Mary’s help this has now been completed and my business list is now organised, so that I can now grow my business. I would like to recommend Mary at Concise Training, to anybody with any needs with regards to training in the use of an Access database.”

John P Dolden, Utility Warehouse Discount Club

“Mary offers a unique service to business people who want to get more value out of their IT applications. Nearly all of us reach some kind of plateau with our use of the tools we commonly use. Being limited in the use of tool is a limit to our own effectiveness and productivity. Mary helps solve this problem by giving bite sized training over the Internet in the precise areas that we as inividuals need and want help. Whether you are a novice at a tool or quite advanced, Mary’s online training can take you to the next level. I have used Mary for Word, Outlook and Publisher and can strongly recommend that you give this service a try. The investment has a short payback period.”

Paul Ovington

“Following a request on Twitter asking a question about Microsoft Office, Mary went above and beyond to provide some useful advice and solved the problem for me. Not only did she solve it once she then did some extra work to give a more perfect solution.

I have recommended Mary before and will gladly do so again with this excellent level of service given.

Mary performed and online excel tuition course for one of our accountancy trainees. This was a great help and gave our staff member a really good grounding in to Excel which she is now using to good effect.

The pre and post service was excellent.

I would highly recommend this method of training and will certainly be using Mary’s services in the future.”

Phil Hendy

“Mary has introduced me to and help me set up on Linkedin. Her training was very thorough and she was very knowledgeable in her subject. From knowing nothing – in three days I have my profile up to 90% from the advice she has given me.”

Martin Green, MARTINGREEN Projects-Safety-Solutions

“Mary is patient and thorough and has helped resolve a number of computer and social networking challenges. Thoroughly recommended.”

Tim Matcham, The Garden Network

“Mary makes the difficult seem easy. She accepts people where they are and moves them to where they want to be in a supportive, focussed and encouraging style. Reliable, practiced, and expert in her field, I highly recommend Mary to anyone wanting to get to grips with technology.”

Elizabeth Kuhnke, Kuhnke Communication

“I’ve just had a one-to-one training session with Mary to learn how to use Linked-In. In less than an hour, in the comfort of my own home, I’ve turned from social network-a-phobe with a deep suspicion of the whole issue, to a proper Linked-in user, with a profile, some connections, and a thorough understanding of how to make use of the service to suit my business needs. If there is any area of software use, or social networking strategy, that is causing you trouble or wasting hours of valuable time, give Mary a call!. It’s so much more effective to get training that targets your own needs, not a generalized ‘how to use’ type course.”

Laura Jones, LauraJPilates

“Mary provides clearly structured training and eliminates the jargon so that anyone can quickly get to grips with how to use social media effectively. Mary’s great personal approach and expert knowledge helped me get started on Twitter and I have not looked back! Thanks, Mary! I continue to recommend you wherever possible!”

Kursha Woodgate, Mexia Communications

“Mary has helped me to develop a whole host of social media networking skills. Mary has attended our offices and I have also used her remote service which is very cost effective.”

Margaret Thompson, Into Reality

“Mary has been brilliant in helping me evolve a social media strategy, and start me on the steps to using the tools much more effectively. She’s taught me all sorts of things about LinkedIn that I hadn’t spotted – and as well as telling you how to use things, she also explains the reasons why. It makes everything so much easier to understand!

Remote training over the Internet has been brilliant – no time wasted having to travel, park etc – and it works just as well, if not better, than face to face training. And you can sit and try things out in real time rather than having to wait until you get home.

A brilliant trainer – really knows her stuff.”

Julie Stevens, Better Business Decisions

“Mary turned me from Social Media novice to Guru (not quite but she did get great results in limited time) with efficient and enjoyable online lessons, for a great price. If you want to know what all the links and tweets and blogs can do for your business talk to Mary!”

Daniel Kitchen, Optimum Wealth Management

“It has taken me ages to sort myself out & invite Mary into the office to provide us with some training on LinkedIn. She was calm, patient, knowledgeable & helpful. I would definitely recommend Mary for your IT training needs.”

Amanda Barnett, Grosvenor Consultancy

“I have recently attended a workshop run by Mary designed to raise my awareness and more effective usage of Linkedin as a tool for connecting to my clients, service providers, prospects etc.

I can honestly say that this was one of the best courses I have attended – Mary has an in-depth knowledge of Linkedin and how best to leverage its many features via hands-on examples and a detailed review of profiles, experience, updates etc.

Mary’s workshop offers excellent value for money – time very well invested on my part – and comes highly recommended.”

Philip Arnold

“Mary provided two of us (who have distinctly different needs) with an excellent workshop to help us to get the best out of LinkedIn. She supported us very effectively throughout the practical session. It was clear from her approach that she was focused on each of our individual needs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn what LinkedIn and other social media have to offer a growing business.”

Julia Steward

“Not only does Mary provide the clearest most concise instruction for training, so that the most complicated tasks are easy to understand, Mary also provides unrivalled support to ensure that you are equipped with everything you need.

That coupled with the great ability to be able to ‘ask the right questions’ to make sure that you ‘get-it’ means that I can thoroughly recommend Mary’s services as both a trainer and also assessor. You won’t find better!”

Karen Chapple

“I was researching a Social Media Qualification and Mary responded to my email enquiry, from the initial conversation she was friendly and her expertise & talents were very clear. Learning with Mary has been an excellent opportunity, she is a brilliant Teacher and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Social Media Qualification. I have already asked Mary to help with another project and value her opinion. I can be contacted should anyone wish further information.”

Louise Wightman, Registered Coach, Approach The Coach

“I have engaged Mary twice to provide social media training and have not been disappointed! She’s charming, very patient and knows her subject inside out – and can communicate it very clearly. I’d unhesitatingly recommend her.”

Craig Gordon

“I started the ITQ Social Media with Concise Training in March this year, and within three months, was reaping the rewards! Having completed the qualification successfully in July, my business has never looked back, and we have paid for the training at least three times over already in revenue generated on the back of it.
I can happily recommend this qualification to ANYONE.  Thanks Mary!”

Caroline Anderson

“I was tasked with finding some basic and advanced Microsoft Office training for a staff of around 50 people. I was very glad to find Mary as her work proved to be of the highest quality. While not all attended the training a good percentage did over the course of several days to cover a basic level training classroom followed by similar groups to do the advanced features training.

Everyone came away very happy and full of new skills to help them work with Office and all complimented Mary on how effective her methods are and how useful they found it.

I am sure we will be using Mary in the future and are happy to recommend her services to any one seeking Microsoft training.”

Rob Delany

“Mary has helped the EDO find our way through the Social Media maze, so we can now publicise our events and reach a much wider audience. She provided great support, trained us in how to use the different sites (Face Book, Twitter, Linked In) and advised us on developing a strategy that will continue to keep our profile high. Mary has been brilliant to work with – always there when we need her, positive, supportive and challenging us to better things! If you want to enhance awareness of your business or organisation through using social media then Mary is the one to call!”

Su Kingsley

“Mary’s knowledge and expertise is beyond question. She opened my eyes to the power and reach of Social Media. She communicated expressively and with great accuracy and precision. Thank you, Mary for your help and support.”

Sarah McCloughry

“Mary makes technical and complex processes, simple and understandable. She brings a professional, informal and focussed approach to her training, helping all to relax. She makes it fun and interactive and inspires the class. She breaks things down into easy to use packages and then takes you through in clear and focussed chunks, allowing the important free flow and intereaction of training in a small team. She helps individuals focus on their core requirements and areas of expertise at the same time as bringing all those in the training to the correct point in the day. She clearly has a deep knowledge of her subject matter and made the training fun, productive and interactive.”

Edward Macfarlane

“Mary is fantastic! She helped me get to grips with Office 2010/2007, it looks so different that it use to drive me nuts trying to find the features that I wanted. Then after a few hours training with Mary I now absolutely love it and the new features. Everyone should upgrade! I’d Highly recommend Mary”

Jules Smith, Shine Office

“Mary advised me to use Skype. I saved over £300 by not having to have an additional line installed for my business.

She is engaging and a good listener who is able to tune into potential clients at their level – even if they’re technophobes like me! Thanks!”

Dana M., Bumpy Business

“I asked Concise Training to produce a user guide for my internet based direct mailing package.

Mary quickly understood how the system worked and produced a comprehensive user guide for both non technical and technical users.

I would have no hesitation in asking Concise Training to create more user guides for my systems.”

Roger Rapley, ViP Ltd

“I recently did some LinkedIn training with Mary. I’d already set up a profile but didn’t really understand what else I could do with the site, and over the hour Mary showed me how to make my profile stand out, how to find and add contacts and how to use many of the site’s features to gain more contacts and potential business.

The virtual classroom interface was easy to use and Mary was friendly and tailored the course to my specific requirements. I’d recommend Concise Training to anyone looking to get more from their computer!”

Alison Neale, The Proof Fairy Publishing and Editorial Services

“Mary fully understood my training requirements and was proactive in organising the session.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mary at Concise Training to anyone looking to up their skill set.”

Lynn Harman, Telemarketing Services

“Mary gave me some Excel training. As a result, I have saved over an hour a week in time spent analysing my spreadsheet. Thanks Mary!”

Lisa S., Oxfordshire Adult Learning

“Mary performed and online excel tuition course for one of our accountancy trainees. This was a great help and gave our staff member a really good grounding in to Excel which she is now using to good effect. The pre and post service was excellent. I would highly recommend this method of training and will certainly be using Mary’s services in the future.”

Phil Hendy, PAH Accounting

“My oh My! I had 5,000 odd items in my inbox, was getting increasingly reactive to incoming phone and email, and becoming a less effective strategist as a result.

I met Mary at 4N Faringdon, liked her approach, booked up for 4 remote training sessions and it worked. 2 hours training over a couple of months, has radically changed the way I deal with outlook, my inbox is tiny, I use tasks much more, and I’m getting control of my time once more.

Worth every penny and some – so don’t delay call Mary today!”

Tim Johnson, Director, 4Networking

“I can’t praise Mary highly enough.  Flexible and an absolute expert in helping you get to where you need to be.  Not only has she vast knowledge she’s a great teacher too! Very patient and effective.  Use her, use her, use her!”

Melissa Kidd, Coaching Creatives

“Thank you very much for the personal attention you gave me at the course training you recently gave me on LinkedIn.  Your simple explanations and detail has given me an additional arm to my marketing and will I am sure benefit my business greatly in the future.

I look forward to working with you again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending you to colleagues and friends.”

Alan Ballard, Ecosalus Print

“I’ve been to 5 seminars on Social networking in as many weeks and the only plain and simple one was Mary’s”

Stuart Roper, FSB

“I recently attended Mary’s Twitter workshop. I learnt so much in just a few hours! The course was invaluable in helping me understand what Twitter is, how to tweet and how it can benefit my business.”

Pam Jones, Eight Interactive

Twitter Workshop for Ivoclar Vivadent May 2010

Nigel Morgan, Morgan PR

Completing the course, and working with Concise Training has been a fantastic experience. Our Social Media strategy has moved on further than I could ever have imagined; we are now seeing fantastic engagement, solving customer service issues and seeing conversions from our social media platforms. Personally, my skill and knowledge of social media tools and how they can be applied to different areas of business and life in general has improved a massive amount- and I now feel confident that I could implement a social media strategy using a range of different tools for any audience

Vicky Sparks, Ecco Shoes UK

Mary Thomas taught me how to use Excel. I had never used it before and I am in my sixties. I needed it to be able to use it for some quite complicated stuff to do with my student dissertation – a large and elaborate survey of cat owners! I would never have been able to do it without Mary’s basic lessons. She was clear. She was helpful. And she didn’t make me feel an idiot.

Celia Haddon

I have just completed the ITQ Level 3 in Social Media offered by Mary’s training company Concise Training. I am a Digital Coach and part of the Digital Youth Academy’s team, delivering a Level 2 Social Digital Apprenticeship.

Although I had a Digital Coach qualification from Ecademy, I found Mary’s course to be a comprehensive and engaging professional development qualification. It taught me so much more than I anticipated and its interactive, task-based style meant that my learning always had a practical outcome.

I found Mary to be very helpful and understanding when I needed help. If you want to take your Social Digital knowledge to the next level, I recommend the ITQ to you without reservation.

Steve Waters, Frontier coaching

“I really enjoyed the course, the course length is long enough that you don’t lose interest and probably could be packaged as Twitter in bite size chunks” “The course significantly improved my knowledge of Twitter”

Amanda Johnson

“I learnt a huge amount about Twitter quite unknown to me such as Twilert.”


Anthony Wilson

“I liked the idea on how to split up what you talk about on Twitter, the percentages gave me a good idea on priorities.”

Peter Symms

The Social Media Strategy online module helped me see how Social Media could fit in with my overall mix.  The module was easy to follow and ‘idiot proof’.

Paul Holden

If you want an expert to help you use LinkedIn to drive your business forward then look no further than Mary. She clearly knows LinkedIn inside out in terms of both technical capability and business application. I was using less than 10% of the functionality and Mary has opened my eyes to the ways in which I can use it to grow my business.

Ian Thomas

The course is great, interactive and engaging, with lots of useful examples and interesting links – I’m hooked!


It’s just over 2 years since our training with Mary which took us straight from novice to being able to manage and implement our own social media strategy. Since then, we have subscribed to Concise Training’s Social Media Professionals Group which means each month we receive a detailed handout with the latest social media updates and attend an amazingly useful bi-monthly webinar.

Thanks to this ongoing support, we are energised to try out new things, are able to sort out those niggling problems we can’t fix ourselves, remain abreast of the many changes that occur across the different channels and discover innovative ways to extend our reach to potential new contacts.

Being a part of this group keeps us invigorated and focused – what could so easily have been a chore has become a key element of our marketing activity.   Despite its name, social media without the Social Media Professionals Group would be a pretty lonely place

Sarah Holden

I asked Concise Training to manage my Social Media profiles as I wanted to develop my online portfolio and increase awareness of my brand. My business was growing and this meant I didn’t really have the time to digest all the information racing by on Twitter and Facebook so I jumped at the chance when I heard that Concise Training were offering Social Media management and support. The input and advice from Mary and Viv has been invaluable and I know that my social media channels are being managed by experts whilst I concentrate on work projects and keep in touch with my key customers.

Jemma Hillyer

The seminar answered many question and created new questions. Social media seems complex. However, I have started to understand the phenomenon.

David Ellwood, Osteopathy in Action

Mary and Steve at Concise Training have done a fantastic job at managing my Facebook page and building an audience for my business. They both made a huge effort to understand my industry and the way that I work within it and this is reflected in the links and Twitter connections made.

Sarah Naybour, Garden Designer

I spent a really worthwhile couple of hours with Mary Thomas at Concise Training last Friday, being brought up to speed with the latest changes on LinkedIn. She really knows her stuff and I have a long list of things to work on, both for Appletree and our clients.

Chantal Cornelius

I met up with some ex-Macmillan colleagues on Friday night and I had a number of really positive comments about my social media presence. It’s really interesting to hear people talking about EliteText’s brand when I’m out and about now and that’s all due to your brilliant work!

Jemma Hillyer, Elite Text

We used a lady called Mary Thomas to help us learn how to get the most out of LinkedIn in some very simple but effective ways. Might be worth having a chat with her. Not just joining relevant groups but actively contributing useful posts and shares will also help people find you and build your profile which will raise you higher in the search engines. Would really recommend you invest a bit with Mary, it’s well worthwhile.

Peter - via social media

Mary made the complexities of social media understandable to a group of people who had no prior knowledge of the subject.


Her presentation style was professional and calm, but delivered with a sense of humour.  Working with the delegates Mary focussed on their requirements and importantly understood their concerns.

The training was delivered in bite-sized chunks and at a pace everyone was comfortable with, the proof of the pudding is however that she convinced even the most sceptical of delegates to ‘give it a go’ and I am delighted to report they are doing just that!  Well done and thanks Mary.

Janet Ferris, Corporate Communications Officer at Cherwell District and South Northamptonshire Councils

The workshop made an area I found completely undoable now much more doable!

P Truman

Very informative. Has given me lots of ideas to relay back to my directors. Just need to find the time for us all to discuss strategy.

Janeen Hickman

Very informative and liked the small group.

Anna Venn

‘Social media made simple’ by Mary Thomas at Concise Training published by Apple Tree Publications. Pure gold! Get fantastic straightforward strategic advice from Mary (and potential government funding). If you want quality advice you should be talking to Mary Thomas.

Adrian Stokes - Via LinkedIn

I have been really pleased with the social media management support of Concise Training, it was especially helpful in boosting our presence around a major event we sponsored. A great, friendly, professional team and easy to work with. If you are look for someone to manage your social media look no further!

James Clapham, Chart Clinic

The LinkedIn workshop was very much tailored to our group, both in terms of making content specific to our business needs, but also by ensuring that each member of the group understood and followed what was going on.

What was the best thing about the LinkedIn workshop?

Practical profile amendments, Mary taking time to understand our firm and what we want. You have made it less ‘scary’.

Firstly, I have completed a number of Concise Training’s E-learning Social Media courses for Business with Pitman Training Southampton and have been impressed with how up-to-date, informative and well-researched the course content was.
In addition, I subsequently had Viv design a logo and do the branding for my two websites, the first of which had caused a number of issues in setting up, due to inaccurate advice and supposed ‘support’ from businesses who were not as up to date with WordPress as they had indicated. I found Mary and her team (Viv & Steve) 100% helpful, professional and reliable. They have been honest in what could or could not be done and resolved all the aggravating issues created previously. As a result, I have not hesitated to recommend them to others and I’m beyond glad to leave the branding, graphics etc., in Concise Training’s capable hands! Now I can focus on what I do best https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f4c/1/16/1f642.png Thank you