How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram

You can now follow Hashtags on Instagram.

Instagram has started to roll out a really useful feature. You can now search and follow hashtags.

Previously you could click a hashtag in a post or search for a specific hashtag by going to the explore tab.  The option is now available to follow a hashtag in the same way you would follow an Instagram account. Once you have followed a hashtag the algorithms will select highlights from that tag and display them in your main feed. 

How to follow a hashtag? 

  1. Select the explore tab and type in a keyword/phrase for example socialmedia
  2. Select the Tags’ option the search will now display only hashtags

To follow a hashtag you search for the phrase of your choice.

  1. You can now select any of the displayed search results. This will display posts associated with the hashtag and the option to follow’

You can follow a hashtag by selecting 'follow'

The option to follow a specific hashtag is great for business users as it will allow you to follow your keyword phrases associated with your brand and/or business.

What are your thoughts on the ability to follow hashtags? Would you like to see this on any more social media platforms?

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