Social Media & Microsoft Office Training

Training is a journey, one which takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be.  At Concise Training we are passionate about making that journey enjoyable – through training that is simple, personal and affordable.


Real intelligence consists in being able to make even the most complicated subject easy to understand. At Concise Training, we make the difficult seem easy, removing the jargon and talking in plain English.  That way, you walk away with the ability to ‘do’, rather than with a head full of acronyms.


Supportive and focussed, at Concise Training we invest time to understand where you are currently – personally, and in your business, and where you want to go. Our expert and practiced approach is then tailored to your personal situation and requirements.  Truly personal training with outstanding results!


Our approach to training is simply to teach you what you need to know. Because of this, and our ability to train online from the comfort of your office where appropriate, our prices are extremely competitive.

Contact us today on 01865 522658 to discuss your training needs.

About Mary Thomas, Founder

Mary Thomas is a seasoned expert in Social Media & Microsoft Office.  She has authored two books on the subject, and helps hundreds of people get the most out of technology, in a simple easy-to-understand manner.


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