ITQ Social Media Qualification

Do you want to really understand how to use Social Media in your business or provide Social Media help for others?

This accredited qualification gives you the confidence and knowledge to use a variety of Social Media tools in a way that will reflect on the brand and values of your business.  Training is via 18 E-learning modules.  Assessment is a combination of using the tools for real and completion of a number of tasks (20 tasks at Level 3).

The qualification is available at Level 3 (equivalent to ‘A’ Level).

You will cover

  • Review of the current marketing activity that the business undertakes
  • Aims for Social Media and measurements of success
  • Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Using Social media management tools to manage your time efficiently
  • Video
  • Keywords and Introduction to Social Engine Optimisation
  • Blogging
  • Creation of a 5 page WordPress site
  • Use of Google Analytics
  • Reflection on the use of the tools and success against measurement targets
  • Development of an ongoing Social Media strategy

How long does it take?

You can expect to be learning about Social Media for between 4 and 7 months (180 learning hours) at Level 3.  Everybody who takes the qualification starts at a different point and the time will vary appropriately.

What is the cost?

The cost of the qualification is £999 + VAT.  This includes registration, certification, all training, support and assessment.

“I started the ITQ Social Media qualification with Concise Training and within three months was reaping the rewards!  Having completed the qualification successfully, my business has never looked back and we have paid for the training at least eight times over already in revenue generated on the back of it”

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