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ITQ Social Media Qualification

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Become a qualified professional with our accredited Social Media qualification.  This City & Guilds Level 3 distance learning Social Media qualification is ideal for people seeking a career in Social Media, or those wanting to take their knowledge of Social Media marketing to the next level.  A practical, structured, fully supported distance learning course to ensure you really understand how to use a range of social media channels as well as why.

Course Details

When you have completed the City & Guilds accredited, distance learning qualification, the ITQ Social Media, you will have a practical knowledge of the major Social Media networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.  You will also have a practical working knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation), creating video for business, Pinterest, social bookmarking, blogging, Google Analytics and building a WordPress website. You will be able to create a strategy and social media policy for your use of social media and choose the correct channels to carry this out efficiently.

Enhanced Learning Credits can be used to pay for this course.

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the City & Guilds ITQ Level 3 qualification (equivalent to an ‘A’ Level standard of learning). You are assessed throughout the course and will complete 20 tasks including practical creation of profiles and status updates.  You will also evidence your use of a range of digital marketing tools.

The following training courses are included as part of the qualification:

For full details of what is included in each of the modules covered in this course please download the Level 3 ITQ Social Media Qualification Syllabus.

There are two versions of the assessment tasks – one for those in business and a professional version for those who want to learn about social media but don’t currently have a business they can use as a case study.

Assessment takes the form of 20 tasks. The tasks comprise of the following:

  • Task 1 – About you
  • Task 2 – Review where you are now
  • Task 3 – LinkedIn profiles, discussions and feeds
  • Task 4 – Scenarios – LinkedIn Connections
  • Task 5 – Twitter – Profile
  • Task 6 – Profile Images
  • Task 7 – Social Media Management Tools
  • Task 8 – Pinterest/Social bookmarking
  • Task 9 – Facebook Individual Profile
  • Task 10 – Facebook Business Page
  • Task 11 – Measurement
  • Task 12 – Website Design
  • Task 13 – WordPress
  • Task 14 – Blogging / Analytics
  • Task 15 – Google+ Part 1
  • Task 16 – Google+ Part 2
  • Task 17 – Video (You Tube)
  • Task 18 – Connecting and browsing
  • Task 19 – Apps and widgets
  • Task 20 – Forward Planning

To complete the qualification, you are required to work through each task and answer questions or complete activities.

For example, for Task 3 – LinkedIn profiles discussions and feeds, you are asked to:

  • Complete the LinkedIn training course
  • Complete your LinkedIn personal profile
  • Give a constructive critique of a peer’s profile
  • Review company profiles
  • Join and contribute to a LinkedIn group
  • Complete a training blog entry reflecting on how you can use LinkedIn going forward based on your aims for Social Media, what you are going to say, how you are going to connect with people and how you intend to promote trust of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Explain features and functions of LinkedIn
  • Plan status updates to share on LinkedIn.

You are given detailed feedback on each aspect of the task including your LinkedIn profile and your blog entries to ensure that you have thought about all the aspects of using LinkedIn in your business or for your personal use.

You can expect to be learning about Social Media for between 4 and 12 months (180 learning hours) at Level 3.  Everybody who takes the qualification starts at a different level of knowledge and the time taken will vary appropriately.

Throughout your training you receive full 1 to 1 support (email, Skype or telephone) from Mary Thomas.

You can download a course factsheet here.

6 reviews for ITQ Social Media Qualification

  1. Jamie Wicks
    5 out of 5


    This course is a comprehensive and enjoyable way to learn about social media and gain a qualification to reflect knowledge you have earned. The support provided during the course is very well structured and can be tailored depending on the level required, my Tutor Mary Thomas was very helpful and knowledgeable and was able to provide me with the support I needed at every stage of the course. As I work with social media sites on a daily basis I found that some elements were harder than others, I found that I needed more support on the sections I was unfamiliar with such as SEO and website design/creation but everything I needed to complete the tasks was always available to me a short notice. This has been a great investment for me and has helped me to improve hugely over the 7-8 months it has taken me to complete the course.

  2. Gary Campbell
    5 out of 5


    We set up our Social Media Strategy for our new company, very confident that we knew everything we ‘needed’ to know. We initially did well, and implemented everything we could to help our new business grow. I then decided to start the ITQ course to hone our skills using Social Media for our business. The results have been awesome!

    From day 1, my Tutor (Mary Thomas) explained exactly what I needed to do in preparation, exactly how to use the simple system, and exactly what the course would entail from Task 1 to Task 20. The initial meeting, prior to starting the course (online) is a great idea and answered many questions I had.

    The tasks are easy to follow, the training is precise and clear and I particularly enjoyed the exercises and examples as you work your way through the training, rather than a test at the end.

    I would strongly recommend that a live business is used as the project for the course, if possible, as you can immediately implement what you learn and you quickly see the results. I have learned so much on this course, and we are using absolutely everything I learned, on the platforms we have chosen as part of our strategy.

    To summarise, the training material is great, the explanations are clear and precise and most importantly I received a response from my tutor in very quick time on the odd occasion I had a question to ask. I highly recommend using Concise Training for anything Social Media, and please do get in touch if you are thinking about this course, as I have no issues giving you answers to your questions, from a student point of view.

  3. Anna Marsden
    5 out of 5


    When we set up Social i Media we recognised the importance of demonstrating our professional capabilities through an independently verified qualification. Taking the City and Guild’s ITQ in Social Media was central to this and I couldn’t have found a more helpful teacher in Mary Thomas. Mary was available throughout to support me over the phone, Skype or Google Hangout. The course was extremely good value for money and I’d recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a Social Media professional.

  4. Colette Hobson
    5 out of 5


    Our Company Kaisen Design Ltd commenced the ITQ Social Media Qualification Program with Concise training less than 12 months ago and we are pleased to say that we have recently received our certificate.

    The expanse of learning that took place throughout this period was beyond our expectations and the support provided was unprecedented.

    Tasks appointed were demanding, however the material and course content was so in-depth that all the assistance we needed was available at pertinent points.

    Kaisen Design Ltd has advanced due to the development of a professional social media strategy, which has already returned a excellent ROI, from improved customer connections and revenue.

    We recommend that business owners and organisations take a closer look at what this program has to offer to truly appreciate its value.

  5. Philip Search
    5 out of 5


    A very comprehensive course that gives you an in depth insight into the heart & soul of social media. It enables you to develop the knowledge & confidence needed to talk, understand, explain and coach about social media within the world of Social Media Marketing. The investment in this qualification & Mary will enable you to either deliver a return on your companies social media investment or develop & create your own business within the social media world. Mary is a great mentor & coach

  6. Louise Wightman
    5 out of 5


    This qualification is only truly appreciated after you finish the training with Mary / Concise Training. Mary trains best practice and the course takes you through functionality and also questions your actions. A very comprehensive course and well worth the money. Anyone wishing to truly embrace social media should invest in this qualification

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Looking for genuine Social Media expertise?

Mary ThomasDuring 2010, Mary got tired of hearing about so called ‘Social Media experts’ offering their services to companies as experts for vast sums of money. These ‘experts’ often only had 10 followers and were learning on the job, but they could “talk the talk”.

Mary established the first accredited Social Media qualification – the City & Guilds ITQ in Social Media – in 2011 for people to learn how to use Social Media properly and to have a qualification to enhance their credibility. The ITQ Social Media qualification is ELCAS approved so people leaving the armed services can get ELC funding to get the course

Following on from this, Mary created a series of E-Learning courses in a variety of social media channels. In 2012, she was approached by Pitman Training Group who now sell the Concise Training courses under licence. Concise Training is also a Career Transition Partnership approved centre.



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